keskiviikko 18. toukokuuta 2016

Tickle and Strawberry Surprise

Making ponies feels fantastic again so I've given many girls new hairs this week! I managed to buy a very nice lot of baits couple of weeks back so I now have some material to work with. There was this Tickle with cancer or something that had caused her body colour to turn white. Ofcourse her hair had been cut off too but her eyes and symbols were very pretty still and 'cause I happen to like her a lot I didn't want to customize her completely.

Here she is before I gave her new life:

You can see there's lots of white spots all over her legs. Other hint leg was actually turned completely white. First I thought I'd just rehair her as she is but then started to think why not try and repaint those legs. There was nothing to lose anyway. So I took my paints and blended a shade to match her original body colour. It isn't an exact match, I think my white should have been something else than titanium, but it's very very close.

Here she is back in her beauty and glory with new alternative hair. Hair is all DH's MLP again, Sunlight, Moonlight and Love Potion:

You couldn't tell she has been partially repainted just by looking the picture, could you! I'm very happy with her, she turned out lovely.

I also gave new alternative hair to Strawberry Surprise. She was in beautiful condition except for a haircut so it was just a bath and rehairing for her. I must admit I was happy someone had cut her original hair 'cause I don't like that dark pink (Heartthrob) on ponies. I think it's boring! There's zillion ponies haired with that colour and maybe one or two who it actually suits. Sometimes it takes lot of time to decide which colours to use but when I got SS in my hands I new immediately what to do with her. She needed new symbol matching hair so I chose Strawberry Mousse, Blizzard and Spring Meadow from Dolly Hair.

And here she is posing happily in her new colours:

I think she looks delicious! Her pose isn't my favourite but I just love her symbol and body colour.

I have many girls there waiting for their turn so it's bye bye and have a nice day now! I'll be back soon with more rehairs and hopefully with some customs too.

sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2016

Some new girls

I haven't posted for ages! But I've been working on some alt rehairs lately and I've got lots of ideas for customs too. I just have been too busy with my job and our new puppy (!!!) who's nine months old today. Anyway, here's my newest ponies:
Cherry Sweet and Tulip I made couple of months ago. I used DH's pony hair on them: Cherry has Blizzard, Pomme d'Amour and Cherry Pie to match her symbol and Tulip I gave a compo of purples and oranges with some tinsel. I'm very happy how these two girls turned out, especially Cherry Sweet! I think this colour compo makes her look very 50's. On Pina Colada I used seven different colours from Dolly Hair. I'm not actually sure whether those colours work on her or not... There's Kitten, Watermelon Martini, Water Nixie, Marmalade, Golden Delicious, Spring Meadow and Envy.

I bought a lot of baits couple of weeks back and there was some ponies nice enough to restore and give alt rehairs. I,m so excited to give new colours to Strawberry Surprise but I have to wait my order from DH to arrive. It seems to take forever to Finnish Post to transport my package from Helsinki to me!

Now I need to take my dog for a walk (I'm so super happy I finally got a dog of my own!!!) but I promise to be back soon with some new ponies!

keskiviikko 29. huhtikuuta 2015

Bunch of repairs and alt rehairs

Since I got my big order from Dolly Hair I've been busy rehairing all those bald ponies I've had in my bait box.

Here are my repairs:

LEMONDROP got both mane and tail rehaired with DH's Wisteria. I also gave her new blush and repaired her other eye with acrylic paint.

SKY DANCER needed new tail so I gave it to her. Colours are DH's Strawberry Mousse, Golden Delicious, Lucky Clover and Water Nixie. Her symbols were very worn so I reglittered them with glitter that's meant for nail decoration.

CHERRIES JUBILEE only needed new mane. I rerooted her with DH's Dusty Rose.

BABY FT LICKETY SPLIT got both mane and tail rerooted with DH's Pussycat.

I've also made some alternate rehairs. I love multicoloured hairs but this time I tried to give them hair matching their symbols.

LD got rainbow hair. I used DH's Old Bubblegum, Lemon Drop, Spring Meadow and Water Nixie 'cause I wanted her hair to be really bright but not too dark.

BEACH BALL's new hair matches with her symbol. There's Mermaid, Lemon Drop and Blizzard.

For SNOW DROP I wanted to give fresh colours. She's got a mix of greens and blues including Dragonfly, Lucky Clover, Atomic Turquoise... To lighten it up I used some Blizzard.

Poor little SQUIRMY was in a horrible condition when I found her in flea about an year ago. I repaired her ear that someone had cut off and also her symbols needed repainting but then she was laying in my bait box for ages 'cause I hadn't got the right hair colour for her and I don't even like her original hair colour much. I think she looks so cute and girly with her new hair though! I used DH's Strawberry Mousse, Pink Sugar, Mermaid and Daiquiri Ice for her.

I hope you like them!

tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2015

Work in progress

Here's my newest custom project: G1 to G3 Night Glider and Baby Night Glider (G3). Paint work is almost done and they are waiting for my hair order to come! I know they're not unique, there's prolly dozens of G1 to G3 TAF ponies out there but I wanted make these girls anyway.

Both ponies had full body repaint with acrylics and symbols are hand painted by me. I've taken some artistic freedom with the symbol and I also glittered all the white parts. Stars on their cheeks will be covered in glitter too but I thought it would be clever to root their manes first. Glitter I used is originally meant for nails. I haven't found glitter that would be small enough before so I was delighted when I found this one!

I'm not sure yet whether I'll root them with white or with colour mix that matches their symbol. That remains to be seen!

maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

First G4 custom

I had this broken G4 pony in my bait box for ages and I didn't know what to do with her. I don't collect G4's but she wasn't worth selling either. G4 ponies don't inspire me much so she waited and waited under a pile of older ponies. Last week I was scrolling through MLP Arena and saw some posts about pony friend customs. That's it, I thought, what could be better way to use this poor G4 but to make a pony friend out of it! So here's Foxie, hope you like her!